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About 8 months ago, I went into the recently built urgent care in my area for an infection. It was a Saturday, and my regular doctors office was closed until Monday. My symptoms persisted no matter what OTC drugs I used, and I was in tears from the pain. I went in, was prescribed something for the pain and an antibiotic, and I was out in about 2 hours. After I paid my bills for the visit, I began receiving junk mail from the clinic, ads for services, programs they offer, etc. I let it go, and eventually the junk mail stopped. One evening, I am on vacation and I recieve a voicemail from one of thier receptionists- we’ll call her “D.” The message states that they need to get in touch with me to update my patient file. I decide I will call back after the weekend, when I am at home. The next evening, about 6:30 pm, I recieved another voicemail from D.)

D: *in a clearly agitated tone* [MY FIRST NAME]. [MY LAST NAME]! This is [D] calling from [Urgent Care Clinic], again. I need you to call us back immediately. We need to update your address and patient information. We need to verify your birthdate as [my birthday], that you are still residing at [my address], and that your insurance is still [my insurance]. You are not cooperating, young lady. Call me back at [extention], or we will be taking appropriate repercussions.

(I am shocked that she has given out my persinal information on a voicemail recording, seeing as how my voicemail does not reveal anything other than my phone number, not even my name. I am also rubbed the wrong way at the tone, referring to me as “young lady” seeing as how I am married, pregnant, and in my 20’s. Even my mother does not scold me with this tone. I call the clinic’s front desk the following Monday, and ask to speak to a supervisor.)

Me: Hello, this is [my name.] I recieved a couple of voice mails from one of your receptionists about updating my file. The last time I visited your office was more than 7 months ago. All of my information is correct, and I do not have a problem with this request, however, I do have a complaint with the message I last recieved. I do not appreciate being scolded as a mother would scold her child- by a woman that I have never met- and seeing as how my voicemail does not confirm my identity, I do not appreciate my personal information being revealed. If your office had had the wrong phone number, any stranger then could have my personal information, birthday, address, and medical insurance. Could this not contribute to potential stolen identity? Furthermore, I do not relish being referred to as “young lady”, and having your office call in the middle of dinner two days in a row while on vacation.

Supervisor: Thank you for letting me know, and I do agree that certain information should not be left on a voicemail. I do apologize, and I will have a word with our staff about HIPPA standards, and appropriate phone courtesy.

Me: Thank you. I don’t mean to sound like a malcontent. But I do appreciate your hearing me out.

Supervisor: Have a good day. *click*

(I hang up, thinking that this will be the last of it. 8 pm a couple of days later, I recieved a call, from the extention matching, guess who? I let it go to voicemail to record the message.]

D: [My name]! This is [D] calling from [Urgent Care Clinic]. We still need to update your information. Give me a call back at [extention].

(I then continued to recieve calls almost every workday evening for the next 3 weeks or so. I called the front desk at the clinic and confirmed my details -again- and asked them to have [D] stop calling me. This did not stop the barrage of voice mails, and I ended up irritated enough that I blocked [D]’s extention. The next evening, I recieved another call from her, from the front desk extention. I ended up calling and speaking to another supervisor and threatened to report thier office for harrassment. I have not had them call back in the last two weeks, so I hope it’s over. However, I still have almost 2 dozen voice mails in my inbox, just in case I do need to make a report. I will not be back to this office. I will drive the extra 15 miles to the ER.)

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