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I work on a maternity ward that is locked. There’s a doorbell/intercom for visitors and we can see them on a security monitor. We generally ask visitors who they’re here to see, as every person who even glanced at you in high school will barge in to visit after you’ve had a baby!
I’m a midwife, not the receptionist, but I have this conversation with visitors at least several times a day:
“Hello, can I help you?”
“I want to come in.”
“Who are you here to see?”
“A friend.”
(Rolling my eyes by now) “What’s your friend’s name?”
“What’s her LAST name?”
“Mary Smith.”
“Ok, come on in.”
Stands and stares at door.
Seriously gritting my teeth by now. “I’ve unlocked the door, but you need to open it yourself.”
Continues to stand and stare at door.
“The door isn’t automatic, you need to open it yourself.”
Stares at door.
“Hi, I need to come in!”
“The door is unlocked, but you need to open it yourself!”
“How do I open it?”
Making a monumental effort to stay calm, “Grasp the handle and pull it towards you.”
Note that there IS a sign on the door saying, “Please ring doorbell for admittance, then pull when unlocked.”
I had no idea this level of stupid existed, let alone that I’d encounter multiple times a day. 🙄