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Im waiting at the pharmacy counter for my medicine while the clerk is on the phone about 20 feet away with an irate caller. I can only hear one side of the conversation though I can hear the customer through the phone. Based on what I can hear the lady has picked up and paid for her Medicine and has found a medication that she claims isn’t hers.
Clerk: yes ma’am I understand but it was in your file so you must have asked for it with a prescription.
Clerk: no ma’am we don’t prescribe anything, your doctor does. We are a Pharmacy, not a doctor’s office.
Clerk: no ma’am, your doctor is the only one who can prescribe you a new medication, we can’t…
Clerk: Well he must have felt you needed this medication. Maybe youshould contact him…
Clerk: Ok, ma’am you can just bring it back…
Clerk: yes
Clerk: Yes, just bring it back in and…
Long pause
Clerk: Ok, well I’m not the one who served you so i don’t know…
Look, I don’t know ma’am. I apologize but mistakes happen. We are all human here. Now you can bring it back and we will…
Clerk: ok ma’am, I apologize. Have a good day.
She finally hangs up and takes a deep breath before coming to serve me.
Clerk: hi, I’m so sorry. How can I help you?
Me: I’m juat here to pick ip my meds. You know, I could hear her yelling at you through the phone from here. What a crazy bitch.
Clerk: haha, yeah she was pretty loud. What was your name?
I got my pills, paid and walked a few feet away to pick up some snacks. As I did, the pharmacist came out front and asked what the call was about. She gave him a run down of the issue and ended with:
Clerk: what I don’t understand is, she picked it up 3 months ago! What has she been doing all this time?!

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