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This is my mom’s story. She works as a doctor’s assistant for an OBGYN – aka a doctor for pregnant ladies/ladies health in general. She has a number of weird stories but this one is a favorite.

A woman is having difficulty with her estrogen patches. This is a small patch you peel and stick to your skin. Like a nictotin patch or a Band-Aid. She is also a school nurse which she has repeatedly told my mom trying to convince my mom that the patch is defective. Since they are on the phone my mom tells her to come into the office today without an appointment and she will see her specially.

Lady: Pulls backing off the patch. Throws away the patch and tries to stick the backing onto her skin. See it doesn’t stick!

My mom is maintaining a straight face while dying of laughter inside.

Mom: Takes a new patch removes the backing and sticks the patch to the woman’s arm. Here, this should work better.

Lady: Oh! Well they should include instructions.

And she’s a school nurse! I’d hate to see her put on a Band-Aid and this out the bandage.