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I am a customer in this story. I’m at an independent fast food store, not a chain. They cook everything fresh, nothing is pre-made. I’m waiting for my order when a man rushes in.

Customer: I’m in a rush! Where’s your menu?
Cashier: it’s right next to you on the wall.
Customer: *looks at menu for maybe 5 minutes, all the time complaining he’s in a rush, finally he orders a Chiko Roll.*
Cashier: the Chiko Rolls will take 10 minutes to cook. If you’re in a rush, try a burger and chips, they’ll only take around 5 minutes to cook.
Customer: I’m in a rush but I want a Chiko Roll. *pays and sits down opposite me, checking his watch every minute or so*
(After 10 minutes, I’ve recieved my order and am eating at the table)
Cashier: sir, your Chiko Roll is ready.
Customer: finally! I’m in a rush! *sits down opposite me to eat his lunch. All up he was there about half an hour*