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I am in law enforcement working security at Jamaican music concert. My lieutenant and I are talking when I see a bunch of kids, aged 7 to 10 or so, pulling on one of the venue signs that is stuck in the ground. I walk over and ask them not to play or pull on the signs. Minutes later I see one of the same kids yanking back and forth on the sign trying to pull it up. I yell ‘Stop!’ and walk over to the kid. ‘I asked you not to play with the sign.’ Kid walks off, I walk back to my lieutenant, we continue to talk until a woman who is holding her (9-year-old) son like a baby in her arms. “I don’t appreciate you talking to my son like that. He is upset now. You should have come and got me and let me handle him, don’t you think?” (my lieutenant standing next to me) Me; No, I don’t know your son or you and would not have known to come to you. Her: You should still have asked around before yelling at my son. Me: Well, I did ask him and some other kids not to play with the signs but he came back and was trying to pull the sign out of the ground. Her: I can’t believe you would just yell randomly at my son. Me: It wasn’t random, he was doing something I had asked him not to do and if you were so concerned about him and his feeling, maybe you should have been paying more attention to him. Her: Huffs angrily, “Well, I guess this is just ruined for us now, we are leaving.” My lieutenant and continue talking.

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