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I’m a female in my early twenties who, at the time, worked for a local fast food/ice cream parlor that also has a mini grocery store attached to it. Quite a cool concept, really. Any woo…. I am 1 of 2 opening managers and it is my last day. (technically, it is the day after my last day. My replacement just couldn’t open this morning due to family reasons). When I arrive at the store, I see my other manager and my grill opener, but my market opener and my front opener have called in. The next person to come in also calls in (truthfully, no surprise there, she’s a flake). When our morning rush hits us, it hits hard. Even with a full crew, we would have had our work cut out for us. Even though my other manager is expo-ing (which puts him right next to the front counter) I am managing the back drive thru, prep duties, and the front counter. The grill person makes the food and the other manager (who tends to be a bit slow) hands out the food.Thankfully, my market person shows up halfway through the rush so I no longer have to handle the market. (Unfortunately, she’s only able to do market or I would have stolen her for drive thru!) She pages us.

Other manager: *stares at me with an overwhelmed face, spins around for a moment*

Me, internally: I guess I’ll go get that since I’m the only capable person here… Let me just tell my drive thru to hold and walk around this case instead of you traversing half the distance….

Market person: It looks like his gentleman’s eggs are not ringing up properly. I think corporate raised the prices last night but we didn’t get the notice in time for us to change the sign.

Me, only having been there for 6 months: let me check with [other manager] real quick. I’ll be right back. *walks briskly to other manager and starts to explain*

OM: *snaps at me because he is overwhelmed* I CANNOT help you. Do you see all these orders? You’re going to have to figure it out yourself.

I tear up a bit, as I’m a huge people-pleaser and am not very good with confrontation. I return back to the market.

Market: This happened a couple years ago, too. [store manager] just put it in as miscellaneous to charge the right price.

Me: Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.

I swipe my card for the manager approval and the market person takes care of the rest on the register. I turn to the gentleman.

Me: I apologize for the inconvenience, sir. You have a great day.

I return back to my post, also apologizing to drive thru for the wait. While handling their order, Market buzzes again. We have signs posted throughout the store that say, “If we fail to offer you your receipt with the correctly priced items, we will give you a $5 gift card.”

Market: He’s wanting to get the $5 gift card *points to sign at her register*

Me: Did you give him his receipt?

Market: Yes.

Me: Sir, you paid the correct price for this and have your receipt in hand.

Customer: right, but it says miscellaneous, not eggs. That means it isn’t a correctly priced item.

*we go back and forth several times*

My stubborn self: sir, that’s not how this works, you paid the correct price and got your receipt. I’m sorry that we had to change the price, so it says miscellaneous. I am not giving you a gift card. Have a nice day. *starts walking back to my post because at this point, it’s been over 5 minutes of drive thru waiting*

Customer: *literally yelling* I’m supposed to get this gift card!! I’ll call your corporate!

Me, seeing that our lobby and market are empty: go ahead and call them, sir. You are not getting a gift card from me.

Customer: *continues yelling as I walk away*

After the rush died, my replacement showed up. She saw I was teary-eyed and asked what happened. She told me to call our store manager, so I did. The store manager handled my other manager and thanked me for coming in after my notice. I apologized for the potential corporate call and she said she would handle that as well. She was always so supportive. My fast food family was amazing. Although I did miss working with them every day, I’m on to bigger and better things! (I also took my stubbornness and ability to not let customers walk all over me.)