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I work for a cable, internet, and home phone company doing billing and support.

A woman phones up and my “spider sense” goes off indicating the call may go long. She explains that she is unable to connect to internet. AS she is talking during EVERY Sentence she makes this sound that sounds like “Was-ja”, and she makes it at least twice a sentence as a form of punctuation.

Caller: “Did you want me to check the cords by the computer. Was-ja Was-ja?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

Caller: “Ooooh okay, was-ja was-ja.”

She then goes to her computer and for the next few minutes I hear this exactly in a constant loop:

Caller: *Mumble.* “Oooh was-ja was-ja.”

Then the thump of something being moved around. Realizing no one would ever listen to this call, I pretended I couldn’t hear the customer and hung up.

I often wonder if to this day she is somewhere in her home trying to get her computer working following that loop.

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