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(I tragically had a miscarriage several months before this story. My husband and I have started to try again, but have so far had no luck. I have learned over the years that hospitals and doctors offices do not communicate with one another. I am at my doctor’s office being seen for a skin condition.)

Doctor: Are you pregnant?

Me: *softly* No, but I’d like to be.

(The rest of the visit continues as normal until she drops this gem on her way out.)

Doctor: *cheerfully* Good luck with the baby making!

(I was so shocked by this, I was momentarily at a loss for words. Who says this to a woman who had a miscarriage?! I ended up reporting her to our patient advocate office and asked that my miscarriage be added to my records to avoid such insensitive comments in the future. Thankfully, she is not my regular doctor and I have not seen her since.)

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