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I went to lunch with my at a popular casual fast food place. I was siting at a spot where is faced a trash can. I sat eating and noticed a little girl bring a tray of garbage over. So innocent, I thought. Then something happened which made me rethink that. She proceed to dump the trash on TOP of the bin. (It was a on of those with the swing open door s on the front. She walked away smiling, not knowing what she had done. A worker nearby noticed and scraped back on to the tray and put it into the right place. Not even seconds later, the girl come back with Another tray of crud, and does the same thing. The poor worker had to clean it up again. I understand kids like to “help” , but parents need to make sure they know what exactly to to do. Obviously she didn’t , although she was shorter that the can , and couldn’t see the top.

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