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, | Unfiltered | October 28, 2020

I work at an airport, in a bookstore. There are constantly people asking where they can withdraw cash and/or change currency. There’s a lady coming towards me, around 60 years old. Her husband stays a little outside the shop, but he can still hear us.

Customer: where can I change currency?
Me: I’m sorry, you can only do that before security.
She looks kinda confused
Customer: what? But I did it after security maybe a year ago. Are you sure?
Me: yes, I’ve worked here for 5 years, and there’s never been a possibility to change currency after security during that time. There is, however, an ATM where you can withdraw some other currencies, like euros and pounds, but that’s it.
Customer: well that’s what I meant!
Me: um… alright, well, you can withdraw cash just to your right over there (kinda gestures where she has to go)
Customer: okay. You should’ve just said that in the beginning! That’s what I wanted to do!
Me: well, I’m sorry, but there was no possible way I could know that as you asked specifically where you could change currency, and not for an ATM.
Her husband speaks up: honey, there’s no way she could read your mind. Let’s go to the ATM.

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