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I have any allergy to the preservative in most vaccines, and have a heart condition that makes the use of an epi pen unsafe without direct medical observation afterward leaving me unable be vaccinated without being hospitalized to monitor my heart for up to a week after , Because of this I do not get the flu vaccine ever.
At the 6 week follow up after giving birth I had this discussion with a nurse
Nurse: Will we be getting the flu Shot today as well?
Me: No I don’t get vaccination for medical reasons
Nurse: But don’t you want to protect you Baby? You know if you don’t get it he’ll have to get one
Me: No As I already Said I am not interested in the flu shot for medical reasons, and His pediatrician is fine with him not getting it either since everyone else he will be exposed to other then myself will have there flu shot
Nurse: Just because you’re afraid of needles doesn’t mean you can’t get it they have a nose spray now you know
The nurse continued to try to convince me to get the shot for another 10 min by guilt tripping me about endangering my baby and being a bad person for not getting it for “frivolous” reasons before My OB came in and shooed her away. After speaking with her she sent in the nurse to give me a Depo shot and and shot of an antihistamine Just in case I had an allergic reaction to the preservative in the Depo. I turn around and pull my pants down for the shot and feel 2 sticks only to hear
Nurse: See that wasn’t so bad you got your birth control and the flu shot in one go!
It was the same nurse
Nurse didn’t even look like she cared and walked out leaving me sobbing and trying to stay calm so I could get an epi shot before I stopped being able to breath
Thankfully my OB was able to give me an epi shot within a few minutes of the first shot but i still spent a week in the hospital afterward, good news is the nurse lost her licences and faced criminal charges

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