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So it’s the day after payday and I have a 50$ bill in my pocket to use for gas til payday comes back around. I stop at a local gas station to fill up, the cashier looks like she’s having a hard day so I decide to try and make her day a little better with a little joke.

Me: can I get 25$ on pump 6?
Cashier: yup 25$
Me: *hands her the 50*
Cashier: oh I just need to check this bill.
Me: oh no, I promise it’s real. I made it myself this morning!
Cashier: it’s policy- *realizes what I just said and starts to bust out laughing. She talks between laughing* I’ve never heard that one before!
Me: *cashier is still laughing* really? I heard it so many times when I worked retail it became beyond annoying!
Cashier: in 2 years I’ve never heard that! Thank you, you’ve made my day!
Me: glad to hear it, hope your day continues to be great!

I was having a hard day/week, so making someone else laugh made me feel a little better.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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