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(In this scenario, I am sitting on my couch reading. I get a call from a number I don’t recognize, and I know people usually say you shouldn’t pick those up, but I do just in case it’s something important and they just have the wrong number. I am 22 years old.)

Me: Hello?

Caller, sounding like it could be either automated or real, with a suppressed Irish accent: Hello! Are you there?

Me: Yeeaahh?

Caller: Is your mother or father home?

Me: Why?

Caller: I am calling about the car insurance renewal?

Me (wondering why they would call me for car insurance when I do not and have never had a car under my name, and wondering why they would even need my parents since I am above age): Under whose name?

Caller: *beep of call ending*

Me: Well, fuck you too!