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(While pregnant, I had to switch OBGYNs twice, due to the first one suddenly retiring and moving out of state at 34 weeks. This conversation happened at 2 of the OBGYNS offives AND the hospital when I showed up to have my baby.)
Medical tech: any allergies?
Me: grass, tree pollen, and tungsten carbide.
Tech: grass, pollen, and…what?
Me: tungsten carbide.
Tech: what is tungsten?
Me: …an element on the periodic table.
Tech: I’ve never heard of that. Oh well, I don’t think that needs to go on here.
Me: actually it does. Few people are allergic to tungsten carbide, so it’s common for medical tools. If I were to need a c-section, I would need titanium surgical tools to avoid an allergic reaction.
(2 out of 3 continued to act completely confused and didn’t add it despite me tell in them it was important. The one who checked me in at the hospital marked me down as a latex allergy instead of writing down my metal allergy. It’s a similar story with the one antihistamine I’m allergic to, because it’s not used often in the 21st century. But they have to know about it, because a lot of medcations have antihistamines added for improved function…)

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