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It was the middle of my shift. I was busy at a kiosk when I suddenly hear running water, I look over to see water coming from ceiling lights twenty feet or so away. A coworker and I scramble to move whatever it doesn’t reach but will eventually. The smell becomes horrible, we back off because sewage is coming from the ceiling.

Our manager runs up to maintenance to turn the water off. It’s taking way too long. Our other manager ushers everyone out. Just as I’m closing the door a lady reaches for it. I stand in front of it and tell her “Sorry we’re closed”. She gives me a nasty look.

Customer: “Why?”
Me: “We have a sewage leak.” I point out what’s going on. you can visibly see, water and sewage is raining down and ceiling tiles falling through the window.
Customer: “I came all this way to buy a card.”
Me: “I’m sorry but we’re closed, no one is allowed inside.”
Customer: “I want a card.”
My Manager: “I’ll grab a stack, you can pick out what you want. Do you have cash?”
He gave her her way.

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