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(My mom and I went to this high end hospital that mostly serve locals. Since medical insurance is covered by her company she made me a beneficiary too. I don’t really understand how the whole insurance process works yet. Anyway, I’m allergic to metal and terrified of needles. I’m getting a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.)

The nurse tells me to sit in a chair while she gets the vaccine and needles out. She’s and another nurse are conversing in Arabic so I have no idea what they were talking about. I had my fidget cube with me so I was playing with it.

To most non-Filipino, I look age 8-14. It doesn’t help that my voice is soft and sometimes I stutter or my voice cracks. I’m also really skinny. Imagine runway model body type except I’m not qualified for modelling due to being 157cm.

Nurse: *takes my right arm and checks for the vein?* “You are really thin.”

Me: “Ah, yeah. I know.” *stares at syringe, mostly the needle*

Nurse: *laughs* “it’s just a needle.”

Me: “I’m terrified of needles.” *looks away while she starts to vaccinate me*

Nurse: “Look at me.”

Me (an idiot): *looks, sees needle stuck on my arm and makes an “eeep” sound*

Nurse: “Look at it. Look, look. See, just look.”

Me (thinking): Miss, I swear you seem nice but please for the love of god shut up.

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