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I work as a host at a grill & bar restaurant in West Virginia.

Recently, the power has been going out on the other side of town, leaving our restaurant as one of the only options for diners. Being summer in a college town, it is usually slow, so I am often scheduled to work alone.

On a Wednesday night, we randomly got insanely busy, and as usual, I was alone. I was bussing tables to keep us off a wait even though it isn’t in my job description.

Enter every host’s nightmare: the middle-aged white woman. Something about this demographic in particular is prone to arguments and frustration.

The woman came in as a party of one. She wanted to sit in one particular booth in the corner of our restaurant. Not only had I just double-sat that section (given one server two tables in a row, a big no-no), but I had filled all of the open tables on that side. I explained this to the woman and tried to persuade her to sit on the other side, on which I had several open tables. She was having none of it.

Immediately following her, six or seven more parties came in. When they had requests, I explained the seating situation to them, and I was able to seat all of these groups where it was fair for the servers.

About 10 minutes later, I was finally able to get back to this woman.

Me: “I’m sorry for the wait, ma’am, I’m all alone tonight. I’m heading to clear your table right now.”

Her: “MHM. Take your time.”

Me, not missing a beat: “I’m doing my best, but thank you for your willingness to wait.”

Her: “It’s rude that you’re seating other people before me.”

Me: “Ma’am, I have open seats. When there are tables available, my mangers tell me to seat them. I’m just doing my job.”

Her: *eye roll; exasperated sigh*

Upon her ‘request,’ I took my time clearing her table. It felt amazing. She stood at the doorway and watched me seat approximately 20 people ahead of her over the course of 20 minutes, all because she was unwilling to sit elsewhere.

In the end, she was actually quite nice to her server and left a decent tip. Perhaps she was just put off that a man was hosting and not willing to go on a wait with open tables.

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