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I am a volunteer at my local animal shelter. A couple comes in to look at dogs, and I take them back. I am obligated to tell them not to stick their fingers in the cages, and I was taught to read the information on the cards of the dogs’ cages.
Me: Don’t stick your fingers in the cages, please.
Woman: I’m well aware of that. I’ve been here before.
*I take the couple back and start reading the cards on the cages.*
Woman: You don’t have to give me that bull****. I can read them myself.

At this point, I decide not to waste my time arguing with the woman, but I stay by the door until they leave the kennel room. I overhear the woman saying that some of the cages are empty, and babbling that my shelter probably killed half the dogs. Once she’s out of earshot, I report the incident to staff.

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