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(It’s near closing time and I am sweeping the store while me coworker is helping any last customers. An older lady comes in, ignores my coworker when he greets her, and sits in front of our demo television watching TV for a good 10 minutes. All of a sudden she turns to my coworker)
Customer: What’s your name?
Coworker: [Name]
(She then writes down his name on a notepad, turns to me and writes my name down too)
Customer: Where’s your manager?
Coworker: She’s not here right now.
Customer: Well I’ll be calling her tomorrow and I’ll be calling your district manager and head office because I don’t like your attitude. I don’t like either of your attitudes. (Turns to me) You! You’re sleeping the floor and leaving the dirt for me to step on! This is terrible customer service!
(She proceeds to leave the store, much to our shock and disbelief. She had ignored us before her outburst. She never had any questions about a product, she had just sat in front of the TV. Some people are so entitled that if they’re not waited on hand and foot they’ll complain about our “attitude”.)

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