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(This is the second summer I have worked at the hotel, mainly on night shifts. I had come in to relieve my coworker who was pretty new to the job. We were catching up on what had happened that day, and laughing about some silly customers, when a lady comes out the elevator door and zeroed in on my coworker)

Guest: (to coworker) Excuse me, are you yelling at her?
Coworker: (realized lady was talking to her) I’m sorry?
Guest: Are you yelling at this nice girl? You better not be yelling at her. She has been nothing but nice to me.
Coworker: (very confused) Oh, I’m sorry, no. I was not yelling at her.
Guest: If you were yelling at her then I will report you.
Me: (also very confused) No worries ma’am. She wasn’t yelling at me. We might have been a little loud. Sometimes sound tends to echo in the lobby. But we were just talking.
Guest: Okay, good. Cause if she is yelling at you, I’m going to tell someone.
(She then walked into the elevator area, leaving both of us speechless)
Coworker: What the actual hell?
Me: (bursts out laughing)

(I don’t know if the guest was either intoxicated, misread the situation, or was just crazy. But thanks for defending me, random woman and for making me laugh-cry at the beginning of the night shift. Who knows what kind of reprimands my coworker of three weeks could have dished out!)

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