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(I work at a big box retailer and was getting ready to go on my break, so was looking at getting something to drink before I went to go sit outside. While I was looking, I had a woman approach me.)
Customer: “Excuse me, all I’m looking for is a supervisor.”
Me: “I’m going on break, but let me see if I can find one for you.”
Customer: “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m just looking for this drink. It’s orange and it helps you calm down and sleep.”
Me: “Well, I’m not too familiar with that, but I can see if I can find someone to help you find it.”
Customer: (rolls her eyes at me) “Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever find it! Never mind then!”
(She stormed off. I need more to go off of than it’s orange and helps you sleep…)

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