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I work as a self checkout attendant in a chain food store on the east coast. A man comes up with a big cart, with six 35 packs of water bottles. He picks one up and keeps trying to scan it. He has not hit start on the screen yet and starts yelling at me to come help him.

Me: Sir, if you could just put your water back in the cart and hit the start button, I can come over and scan your waters for you. But I can’t do anything until you hit start.

Customer: COME HELP ME!!!

Me: I can help you, after you’ve hit start on the screen, but I can not get into your order until you start one.

Customer: COME DO IT FOR ME!!!!! -still holding his water on top of the scale-

Me: sir please, I need you to hit the start button, this is self checkout and I can only help you after you’ve started an order
-points at the start button on the screen-

Customer: -grabs my arm, twists it behind me, and storms out, leaving his cart full of water-

I stood at the attendant station, and couldn’t help but cry, as much as I was trying to stop I couldn’t (I have anxiety). My supervisor finally noticed, but all she did was stand at self checkout while I went to the bathroom, where I ended up having an anxiety attack. They didn’t look him up on the cameras, like they do when someone steals. Nice to know they care more about money than their employees.

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