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(I’m a customer waiting in line at a drug store to pick up some odds and ends. I’d like to get out as quickly as possible, as I’m on my break from work, but the line is rather long and there’s only one cashier open. Another employee opens her register at the photo center and calls out that she can help someone over there. I wait, as there are a few people ahead of me – the person at the register already, and a couple directly in front of me. Nobody moves to the other counter, so I get out of line and take my purchases to the photo center. As I’m walking by the couple in front of me…)

Woman: Okay, sure, go ahead. I mean we were here first, but that’s fine. B****.

(She continued to make snide remarks just loud enough for me to hear. I ignored her and finished my transaction. The couple ended up leaving the store at about the same time I did. Maybe next time she could actually react and go to the open counter instead of getting mad for no reason?)

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