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I am a department manager in one of the two largest supermarket chains in Australia. The store I worked in was located in a shopping centre, right across the hall from our main competetor. I’m in the middle of my lunchbreak when I get called to the Deli. The teammember there points out a customer who apparently has been berating him for ten minutes about an order she has called in but he cannot find. I approach her, asking what happened.
Customer: (agitated) I called in a salad order an hour ago and I’m told you don’t have it.
Me: I’m sorry, Ma’am. I have been here all morning and I didn’t receive any calls.
Customer: *scoffs* Fine. Do you have any potato salad then?
Me: Of course.
Customer: And any [obscure salad I’ve never heard of]?
Me: I’m sorry, Ma’am, we don’t stock that. At all.
The lady looks confused, then something dawns on her.
Customer: I’m at [our store], aren’t I…?
(Wanders out the door without another word.)

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