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(A customer comes in when we aren’t very busy, and while I have almost no sense of smell my co-workers informed me that he reeked of alcohol. I didn’t serve him on his first trip to the counter, but I made sure I always served him after my first encounter.)
Customer: My tea. Chamomile. Not right.
Me: I’m so sorry! I’ll remake it for you. Was there anything in it?
Customer: Chamomile.
Me: Yeah, chamomile tea. Anything in the tea?
Customer: Chamomile!
Me: Any SUGAR or MILK in the tea?
Customer: No.
(I remake his tea, give him a coupon for a free coffee and go on with my day. Then I notice he’s back again…)
Customer. My tea. Not right.
Me: (Taking over from my co-worker) Sir, I made the tea just as you requested- just water and a tea-bag. I’m not sure what else I can do, other than give you a refund.
Customer: No. Make me a new drink.
Me: I’ll be using the same tea-bags and the same water- it’s not going to taste any different. If there’s something wrong with how your tea tastes, it’s not our fault- it’s because the tea bags are faulty.
Customer: (Blank stare)
Me: …Would you like a refund?
Customer: Yeah.
(I call over my pretty teenage supervisor, who despite her appearance is very capable. She refunds him and he chats with my co-worker then goes on his way. I think it’s over until…)
Customer: My tea’s not right.
Me: Sir, we already refunded you. And gave you a free coffee coupon. You already told us that your tea didn’t taste right. There’s nothing I can do.
Co-worker: *to me, quietly* He won’t leave me alone- I knew him when I was little but he’s creeping me out! I gave him my number to shut him up but he won’t leave!
(I look over and see that he’s very clumsily hitting on my supervisor, who just humours him while also very clearly saying that she has no interest in him. My jaw drops.)
Me: (Over our headset channel) You want to kick him out? I’ll be the first to do the kicking.
(He stayed for hours, but since he wasn’t bothering anyone else my supervisor let him stay. He all avoided him though, and when my co-worker had to leave he left through the back door to avoid being spotted. He showed up again on my last shift, but didn’t do anything more. Something tels me we haven’t heard the last of that creep.)

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