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(I’m working the cigarette counter when a young couple walks up to me)
Boy: Hey can i get (brand of cigarettes)?
Girl: (mumbling) no get (other brand).
Boy: Oh I mean (other brand)
Me: Do you guys have ID?
(The boy hands me his and it shows that he is over 18 but the girl makes no move to show me hers)
Me: Sorry, i’ll need to see yours too.
Boy: oh they’re for me. I’m buying them.
Me: I’m sorry but if she’s with you I need to see her ID
Boy: Oh right, I got you. (To her) Go wait outside.
(The girl walks out)
Boy: (smiles triumphantly) So how much for (other brand)?
Me: Okay it doesn’t work like that. I know she’s with you and without her ID I’m not going to sell you anything due to the fact I now believe you are purchasing for a minor.
Boy: No they’re for me. Just sell me them, what’s the problem?
Me: I heard her specifically asking you what ones to buy.
Boy: come on she’s 18 just sell me them.
Me: No.
Boy: come on.
Me: No.
Boy: come on.
Me: No.
Boy: come ooooon…
Me: Noooooo…

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