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There is a couple that lives near my store which prowls cars in the parking lot, and on two separate events broke into employee vehicles to rob them. Of course we have security camera video of them so we’re keeping alert.

Last night the couple was being followed by the police, so they parked in our lot, went into the store, and tried to go out through the receiving area to get away. Thing is, it was a slow night so very few customers in the store, and thereby every pair of eyes was on them. Plus it was the late evening so all the back gates had already been locked, so there was no way out if they had gotten out the (alarmed) back doors. We had already called the police upon seeing them enter, so by the time they went back out the front door… there they were, on foot within sight of the store, and had left their car in the lot, which was about to be inspected for drugs and stolen items when we left for the night.

That wasn’t a very good strategy — trying to slip away from police by hiding in a place where one has repeatedly been caught on camera committing crimes,

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