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(At the time I was working at a popular shoe store that carries many big name brands, but we do not carry (Name Brand known for their swoosh) and have never carried those shoes.)

*Customer enters the store and walks up the counter*

Me: “Hey, what can I do for you today?”

Customer: “I’m looking for a pair of (Popular Shoe Brand).”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry sir! We don’t carry (Popular Shoe Brand), you should try (Competing Shoe Store).”

Customer: “Yes you do! I’ve bought a pair from here before.”

Me: “I’m sorry sir but you must be thinking of a different store, we have never carried (Brand).”


Me: “Sir, please don’t yell. Can I get you some shoes that are similar?”

Customer: “Will you just check in the back for me?”

Me: (Knowing he won’t give up until I do) “Sure, give me a second.”

(I walk into the back, takes minute to check my phone and chat with a coworker who’s restocking, and quickly explain the yelling, then walk back out.)

Me: “Sorry sir, there are none back there.”

Customer: “Hm, okay. I’ll go check (Competing Store) then. *Leaves*

I don’t know why some customers seem to think that “the back” is some magical place that I can pull anything out of, but I swear some people do.

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