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, | Unfiltered | October 15, 2020

In 1991 I worked at a local dealer for the summer. A fellow brought in his= older Chevy to have the gas tank replaced for some reason. Naturally he h= ad filled it the day before so the mechanic had to drain the gas. With the= car on a lift, the gas simply drained into a clean barrel used for that pu= rpose. It was a nice sunny day, and the bay doors were all open. The cust= omer strolls over, chatting with the mechanic while waiting for the gas to = drain. The mech heads off for a minute, and I notice the customer (leaning = against the door frame, not 5 ft from the draining gas) take out a cigarett= e and a lighter, and start flicking the lighter. I yell out about the gas = fumes and to stop, but he doesn’t hear me. My manager(who is inside t= he garage) does hear me, and he runs toward the customer, yelling to stop t= rying to ignite the lighter. The guy does not hear, or does not listen. A= ll the mechs stop what they are doing, and move away. My manager is runnin= g fast now, yelling but to no avail. Just as he gets within maybe 10ft of = the customer, the lighter ignites with a flame. Much to our astonishment, = my manager tackles the guy like you would see in a football game, and they = land with a thud on the parking lot pavement. The guy gets up, yelling and= swearing at my manager, since he is too stupid to realize that my manager = likely saved him from an explosion of the gas fumes. Anyway, it is explain= ed to him and he calms down, actually apologizes, and the work resumes on h= is car. And that is the exact incident that led Management to post “N= o customers in the work area” signs.

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