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I work at a 99 Cent Only Store as a stocker/fronter part-time. We have a section at the front of the store we call our VIP section. It’s pretty much where we put food products that we don’t receive on our truck regularly. One day I was in aisle 1 which is right next to VIP and a woman called me over.

Me: Hello, ma’am, how can I help you today?

Customer: Yes, hello. -she holds up a jar of mayonnaise and starts talking in a serious tone- Are you aware that you are selling mayonnaise that is nearly a YEAR expired?

I’m obviously concerned and I look at the expiration date to see if it truly is expired. This was back in December of 2016.

Me: ….Ma’am, this expires January 16th of next year.

The customer was immediately embarrassed and I try and reassure her that it was a simple mistake and that it’s always good to double check. Our store had been going through a rough patch because our night stockers weren’t rotating the food–I’ve had to pull a lot of expired food off of the shelves up until recently.

The customer muttered something about ‘finding expired food her before’ and I had to keep myself from laughing. The latest we’ve missed something was by a week, so it was funny to me that she jumped to the conclusion that it was nearly a YEAR out of date.

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