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I was working the register and me being the only cashier on duty, I pretty much interacted with all the customers in the store. This one customer comes up with a cart filled with prescription food for his pet and was looking disappointed. Prescription food here can be validly bought using an Rx number that the on site pet hospital gives to the customer with a valid prescription, but it is also distributed by the manufacturer, so whatever we have on the shelves for stock is what we have and they can only buy it with that Rx. He comes up to the register and I go to proceed to check him out.

Customer 1: Hi how are you doing?

Me: I’m okay. How are you doing?

Customer 1: I am a little disappointed.

Me: Uh oh, what did we go now?

Customer 1: Well, my dog is on the prescription food, but the one she likes you don’t seem to have in store. I’m looking for the pâté, the meaty version of this food, not the stew. I looked at both the regular and the low fat and you don’t seem to have the solid MEAT.

Me: Huh. Let’s go and check and see if we do have it.

We had this problem before except we were getting in the pâté form of the food rather than the stew. It happens because we either screw up at the register with counting the cans or people make false returns, resulting in inventory screw up. As we go over, another customer comes up.

Customer 2: Hi how are you doing? We are looking for this prescription food for our dog. Can you help us find it?

She had a prescription for the same thing he was looking for. I told her to follow me and we all went over. I go to look and no surprise, we don’t have pâté. We have the stews which is what customer 2 wanted.

Customer 2: Awesome, thank you! *walks away*

Customer 1: You guys never seem to have what I want, especially the last times I came in. What is going on?

Me: Unfortunately, whatever we have on the floor for the prescription food is what we have. We do get deliveries on these days and the shipment gets put out on the floor overnight, so we should be getting in a shipment today-

Customer 1 proceeds to throw a tantrum out on the floor, throwing the food onto the shelves and yell at me.

Customer 1: How the hell am I supposed to shop here if you don’t have s*** for me to buy?! My dog needs this food, but you don’t care to stock it! That is rude and inconsiderate!

Me: Sir, we-

Customer 1: My dog needs this food and you can’t be bothered to stock the food! This is disrespectful, I feel disrespected….

Me: *over my headset* Can I get a manager over to prescription food please? Customer assistance.

Manager: I’ll be right there.

Customer 1: ….And as a result you just lost a good customer because of your incompetence! *throws food violently on shelf*

Me: *over headset* Customer is getting aggravated.

Manager: I can hear him across the store. I’ll be there in a few. Just go to the register since there are customers up there.

I walk away as fast as I could and went to the register.

Me: *to customer 2* How are you guys doing? And did you find everything else alright?

Customer 2: We did find everything and don’t worry, we won’t scream at you.

After she said that, customer 1 comes up to this register and starts screaming: Where is your manager! I want to speak to your manager!

Me: *ready to cry* I paged for one. She will be up shortly.

Customer 1: Thank you!

I get customer 2 checked out. My manager comes up and she gets greeted with a “come to my office” from customer 1 and they go over to the food. I walk around asking other customers if they were finding everything alright and they all said “Don’t worry, I won’t scream at you.” You can hear the screaming start again and then five minutes later, customer 1 stomps out and said the usual threat of us losing a customer.

My manager come up and says: “He got into my face badly and invaded my personal space. If he gave me good reason, especially since I’m pregnant, I would have flipped and then kick him out.”

I go up to this register and all the customers who heard and saw the tantrum were very polite afterwards and made jokes out of it.

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