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This one takes place at a well known Red Retail store known for it’s controversial statements.I am generally regarded as a great cashier, making guests happy and usually having guests ask for me even on days that I am off. I am good with kids and I am usually used to handle difficult guests or transactions because of my ability to come up with a creative solution. I have also never had a complaint reported about myself or my abilities to my management.
In this I had just gotten onto my night shift and am already extremely tired, and because I had not been wearing my glasses previously my eyes were really dry and painful. One of my first guest is a woman in her middle ages (I wanna guest about 40-50 years old) with a kind of neutral attitude. She started to put her groceries on the check out and I began to scan them through, trying to keep my eyes from drying out and becoming painful.
Me: Hello ma’am, did you find everything alright?
Customer: Yeah, I found it fine.
Her disinterest in talking was apparent so I decided to not make a conversation with her. Soon the bag area was full as well as the counter next to the card reader so I decided to help her by placing some bags in her cart to make room. This was apparently the wrong thing to do because she snatched the bag from my hand.
Customer: I have this under control, I don’t need your help.
I think nothing of it because I have had picky guests before and am pretty used to it. I begin to stack bags back onto the counter with the scanner and keep scanning as she sits there and continues to stare at me. Soon it gets to the paying and I decide to ask our usual question.
Me: Do you have our [store card] to save 5%?
Customer: I’m using it aren’t I?
Her abrupt anger caught me off guard so I decided to stay quiet. She goes through with the paying then walks around to the other side of her cart to load the bags into in, all while the card reader is very obnoxiously wailing.
Customer: That sound is so annoying.
She continues to stare and do nothing.
A full minute passes of this noise.
Customer: It is a terrible sound.
Deciding to help her out and make the sound stop I took her card out and set it on top of her bag because the counter space was full and within the line of sight for her. I only now notice a bag of cat food that she has on the bottom of her cart and this is where she really begins to lose it.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t think that I got your cat food. I can scan it for you quickly if you would like.
Customer: Oh WOW.
I’m a little confused because this cant be the first time someone has forgotten to scan something for her somewhere.
Customer: I can’t believe you would just take someones card out and out it on their bag. That was EXTREMELY FUCKING RUDE and not okay. Extremely uncalled for.
Me: I’m sorry?
This is something I have done for guests countless times in the past and have never had a guest get angry about it. I decide not to say anything further and scan the cat food, telling her the total and keeping otherwise quiet. As I am about to hand her the receipt she decides to rip it from my hand and start to yell at me.
Customer: JUST SO THAT YOU ARE AWARE, people can see when you roll your eyes at them. This is the most DISRESPECTFUL service I have ever received.
At this point she threw her purse in her cart right on top of the bags that she so carefully placed in the cart and stormed off, and I thought nothing of it because it is not the first time I have ever been yelled at by a guest.
~later that evening~
My front end manager comes over and turns off my light.
FEM: Hey [Higher manager] wants to talk to you quickly, I don’t know what it is about.
I think nothing of it and head to the lead offices.
Manager: I just got a call from a guest, do you know who this guest might be?
At this point I have been yelled at my so many guests that I don’t have a clue so I shake my head no.
Manager: Well this guest called to tell us that you were extremely rude and disrespectful.
At this point I know EXACTLY which guest this was because only one of the guests would have been upset enough to call in.
Manager: Now I don’t know what happened but I am going to tell you what she told me. I was informed that you were rude verbally, that you threw the items into bags and as a result crushed some products, you also refused to help her put her bags in her cart, that you rolled your eyes at her, and then tried to take her card. I want to know what happened from your end.
At this point I am just dumbfounded that someone decided that they were having such a terrible night that they wanted to make someone else feel like shit. I decide to tell my side of the transaction.
Me: I bagged her items as carefully as I could, so I know that I wasn’t responsible for her items breaking, and I did not roll my eyes at her.
Manager: I didn’t think you would, you’re not the person to. What happened with the card?
Me: She was standing there and complaining about the noise of the card reader so I took her card out but because of there being no space on the counter I set her card on her bag in full view of her. I’ve done this for guests in the past and haven’t had any complaint about it before.
My manager knows that I am great in terms of customer service. I have more training than most of the cashiers and have the skills to potentially be a GSA (guest service assistant). She nods and looks at me kind of sympathetically.
Manager: I understand what happened, and I know you wouldn’t do something to a guest on purpose. I would just play it on the safe side next time.
The conversation winds down and she sends me back onto the lanes after letting me go get a drink and have a small break. But the only thing I could think about is how boring this woman’s life could be that her source of entertainment for the evening is in calling in and making cashiers lives miserable all because she was angry over something that we can’t control.
Your miserable attitude is not the retail workers, or any workers, fault. Please don’t take it out on us.

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