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(Little kid asks me to get a video game out of a locked case for him to buy. I grab my keys, walk over to the case, and am on one knee grabbing the game when I hear…)

*Younger Voice*: Hey, can I use my Walmart discount here?

Me: No I’m afraid not.

(I turn around. Realize it’s the little kid’s mom, she’s just tiny and sounds young.)

Mom: Whoa, don’t got to take it so seriously, it was just a joke ya know? Have a laugh.

Me (After a long shift): Very funny ma’am.

Mom: You giving me f***ing lip? I don’t need your sarcasm just because I’m black. I want someone else to ring me out

(She’s biracial at best, I couldn’t even tell besides the hair.)

Me: Of course. Hey, [Co-worker], wanna ring this guest out for me?

Co-worker: Okay

[Transaction Occurs}

Mom: He’s giving me lip too. These two motherf***ers think we still back in slavery days. These white folk don’t realize we’re taking over.

Me & Co-worker: *Proceed to burst out laughing as walks down the aisle to the exit*

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