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I work the returns for a big box stores. I had an older woman come in with a pair of athletic pants. No receipt so I have to give her whatever the item rings up as.

Me: “Without the receipt it’s ring up as $9. Do you still want to return it?”

Customer: ” how much is it supposed to be?”

Unluckily the price is located on part of the long sticker on the front of the pants.

Me: “It does indicate it was originally $12.96, but now it is ringing up as $9.”

Customer: “But I paid $12.96. I should get it for that price!”

Me: “With the receipt I would be happy to give you the original price. But you said you don’t have the receipt so I can only give you what it rings up as, which is $9.”

Customer:”But I Paid $12.96!”

Then my coworker reiterated the policy, saying if she had the receipt we could give her what she paid for the athletic pants. Without one we can only give her the reduced price.

Customer: “Fine. I’ll play by (box store’s name) game.”

I finish her transaction and gave her store credit. She politely tells me to have a nice day.

Another customer who witnessed the whole thing says “Wow. What part didn’t she get about that!!”

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