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, | Unfiltered | October 13, 2020

So I work at a distributer store, with my husband, and since all of our customers are local businesses, we have many regulars whom we have to take care of. They are entitled to send in constructive criticism. Well I’m at lunch when my husband forwards me an email, saying that a customer had messaged one of my coworkers. Coworker, our tech guy, had been asked to come up with an easier way to order stuff online. Customer offered a suggestion, and Coworker used it. It must’ve not been done to Customer’a liking, because the email he sent, removing all of the miriad expletives, accused Coworker of being either high or drunk on the job, and demanding that he put down the pipe/bottle or he will be reported to my husband. When my husband questioned customer about the rude email, the best response he gave was, “Sorry”

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