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(I get a call from a customer trying to place an online order. I answer the call on the mobile phone, and I’m about as far away from the office as possible at the time of the call.)
Customer: I’m having trouble placing my order.
Me: Okay, what seems to be the trouble? (I head towards the office to get on the computer to try and help.)
Customer: I went to hit Submit, and the screen froze.
Me: Okay…
Customer: It won’t let me hit submit! I keep clicking on it, but nothing’s happening.
Me: Did you hit refresh?
Customer: No… Let me try that.
(While she does that, I reach the office. I’m about to open the door when the customer says…)
Customer: It worked! Thank you!
Me: (Thinking) Always try hitting refresh before you do anything! (Says) You’re welcome. Have a good day.
(I hang up, groan, then hike back to where I was to get back to what I was doing.)

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