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(I am a customer waiting to check out at a popular fragrance store. It is the first day of a sale where you can buy a bag filled with products for much less than the actual cost. I hear the end conversation.)

Customer: “I am severely allergic to anything floral. Can I change the products.”

Clerk: “You can exchange it, just not the same day you purchase it.”

Customer: “If I keep this candle, I will just sneeze. Why won’t you let me change it?”

Clerk: “I’m sorry. It said in the e-mail that we cannot exchange items the same day.”

Customer’s Daughter: “You can have the candle I have at home and give me that one.”

(The customer pays, then leaves. I step up to the counter)

Me: “So did I hear that we can change the products out?”

Clerk: “Yes. You just can’t do it the same day. She was ridiculous. I’m just going by what we were told.I’m not going to do something and it come back to me so I get fired.”

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