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Five minutes away from the end of my shift, I’m working the Customer Service counter when two teen age boys approach. One of them lays three halves to five dollar bills.

Boy #1: I want new bills.

Boy#2: Yeah. You have to give us new bills. You have to. It’s law.

I look at the bills. Two of the halves are of the same bill (I checked the serial numbers to be sure), so I grab some tape and tape them back together, then slide it towards the customer.

Boy #1: I want a new bill. It’s legal tender.

Me: Yep. Legal tender. You don’t need a new bill.

Boy #2: You have to give us a new bill And we want a new bill for this one, too. You have to give us new bills.

Me: No, I don’t. You can try a bank, but I don’t have to give you new bills.

Boy #1: The bank wouldn’t do it either.

Me: I guess you’re out of luck.

Boy #2: B***h.

Me: Have a good day.

They leave and my replacement comes in, so I stop by the Manager’s office to let them know about my encounter with the two boys. After I clock out, I head towards the front door to find a group of associates gathered at the window.

Me: What’s going on?

Coworker: Three cop cars just pulled up and they’ve got two kids in cuffs.

It’s the two teenage boys I had just dealt with.

Me: Karma!

I head out to the parking lot and I happen to know one of the police officers, so I wave at him and he walks over to me.

Me: What did they do?

Cop Friend: Oh, they tried to trade some torn bills at the bank and when the bank told them no, they knocked a chair and some signs over, so the teller called the police. They both have warrants, so they’re going to jail.

I bust out laughing, then tell my friend about my dealing with them.

Cop Friend: Karma’s a b***h!

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