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I work in a popular clothing store (which I won’t name just to keep on the safe side), which is well known for selling clothes at cheap/reasonable prices as well as accessories, underwear, makeup, jewellery, etc.

I work behind the tills at my local store, and I’ve had my fair share of rude, unpleasant or just plain illogical customers. I’ve had to bite my tongue so many times.

Anyway, on this one day, a young man came up to my till to buy a men’s jacket. I scan the item, bag it, and tell him the price.

Me: That’ll be £15, please
Customer: Oh, but they were underneath a £12 sign
Me: Okay, let me check for you *calls the manager*
Me: *to manager* Would you be able to double check the price of this on your tablet, please?
Manager: It’s definitely £15. I know that for a fact.
Customer: *to manager, rude tone* Take them down from the £12 sign then!
Manager: They’re not under that sign, I can show you. You don’t have to be rude to me about it.

My manager and the customer proceeded to argue for a few more moments, while I was just standing on the side, wishing I wasn’t there. Eventually, the customer paid me and walked away. However, my manager then followed him back on the floor and I was convinced they were going to fight, but they ended it at that.

About an hour or so later, I leave the shop floor to go to the toilet. On the way, I passed said jacket that the customer was buying, and saw that it was clearly under the £15 sign, not £12.

Customers questioning the price is the probably the most annoying part of my job. They either don’t read the signs properly, or they attempt to get their items cheaper just for the sake of being greedy. Judging how some customers behave, I tend to go with the latter.

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