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(I broke my 5s, so my mom took me to [Phone Store] to get the 7. She also had an upgrade, so she decided to get the S8)
Customer Service Guy: “OK, give me a few minutes so I can sync your data over.”
Mom: “OK, thank you.”
(It normally takes a while, so we went to look at the stuff on display.)
Mom: “Hey, [My Name], come look at this!” *shows me the Gear VR*
Me: “Yeah, you should get that with the phone.”
Mom: “I want to try it first. Is it on?”
Me: “It’s just on display, you have to plug it into a phone first.”
Mom: “Well let me just unplug this one and hook it up.”
Me: “NO! The alarm will go off!”
Mom: “Nah, it should be fine.” *unplugs the phone*
(The alarm, of course, starts blaring, and my mom sits there dumbfounded. The guy helping us started cracking up. My mom was red faced, I was doubled over.)

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