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(I am about 10; my family is on vacation at a very nice hotel with an expansive pool that includes multiple levels. There is a small slide between two of the levels. The proper way to get to the slide from the lower pool is to exit the lower pool and go around to the top one, but as the ground is super hot, I opt instead for a shortcut by climbing the small rock waterfall that is next to the slide and is obviously just there for aesthetic. A fellow swimmer, a man who looks like he is in his 50’s, sees me climb up and starts talking to me.)

Man: Is this the slide?

Me: Uh, no. This is a waterfall, I just climbed it to get to the slide.

Man: I can slide down this, right?

Me: (now by the actual slide) Uh, that is just rocks, I think you’d hurt yourself if you tried to slide down it. The slide is actually right here. (gesturing)

Man: (still looking at the waterfall) I’m going to slide down this.

Me: Um…okay?

(I don’t want to see him hurt himself, but as I am shy and have realized he’s not going to listen I give up and slide down the actual slide. Meanwhile my mom who is watching me didn’t hear the conversation, but did notice the man talking to me. As I slide down the slide my mom watches this man seat himself on top of the waterfall and position himself, getting ready to slide down the obviously-not-slide rock waterfall, much to my mom’s confusion. Thankfully, a lifeguard spots the man.)

Lifeguard: Slide’s over there dude.

Man: Oh. Thanks.

(He then goes to the actual slide as my mom stifles her laughter. Why did this man solicit, and then ignore, the opinion of a 10 year old? Why was he so interested in trying to slide down a rock waterfall? The world may never know.)

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