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(I was the manager for an online clothing retailer. Two weeks prior to this one of our customer service agents had received a call from this customer about our sizing, and had previously explained all I had to and told him we would inform him if anything changes. The customer calls again, yells at our customer care representative and asks to speak to a manager.)
Me: Good afternoon Sir, I was told you had a complaint to make. Could you please let me know what happened?
Customer: I called two weeks ago, I wear a size XXL and your sizes only go up to XL. I really liked a few of your designs and was wondering what you could do for me, your customer care agent was very unhelpful.
Me: What did you have in mind, Sir?
Customer: Well, I was wondering if you could either order shirts my size, or if I could bring in my own shirts for you to print the designs on.
Me: Sir, I am really sorry. But we order our shirts from India in massive batches and cannot place an order for a small amount of XXL shirts. Our printing machine requires a specific fabric, therefore, we cannot allow you to bring the shirts, not to mention we print the images directly onto them and the machine cannot take that size yet, the image would be too small and we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the shirts.
(Customer begins to get angry and I have to repeat the process of explaining this multiple times.)
Customer: Well, how will you service me then?
Me: There is nothing I can do currently, but we will begin offering larger sizes next year, so I would be glad to provide you with discount codes you can use when that does happen.
(The customer at this point begins yelling and threatening to take our designs and get them made elsewhere)
Customer: I asked to speak to a manager! Why I was put on the phone with a young s*** like you! I demand to speak to the owner!
(I do sound quite young over the phone.)
Me: Sir, I would appreciate it if you refrained from using such language. None of the owners is present currently and I am the highest ranking employee in the office otherwise. They will also tell you exactly what I did.
(He kept yelling, cussing and insisting until I gave him the contact number to one of the owners, who also happens to be my dad’s best friend. I then call him and let him know of the call. When the customer called him acting innocent, he threatened to use the recording of the call to send him to the police for speaking to one of his employees, and a woman in general, in that manner and that he has been blacklisted from our company.)

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