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(I work for a company where you place an order to a nearby restaurant via mobile app or website. Most of the time people call in to check the status of their order, to cancel for one reason or another, or their was a problem with their food. Other times, Restaurants will call in to cancel orders for a multitude of reasons, cancels, menu updates, map updates, etcetra. Its about 5 minutes to the end of my shift)

Me: *answers the line* Thank you for contacting Customer Care my name is (name), how may I help you?

Customer: You can drop dead.

Me: *slightly taken aback* Pardon?

Customer: You can f*cking die.

Me: Ma’am if you continue I will disconnect this call.

Customer: You can drop dead or give me my money back. Your choice.

Me: Ma’am are you calling about a specific order, or just to berate?

Customer: I said f*cken drop dead, or give me my f*cken money back!

Me: Ma’am I am going to disconnect this call, but I hope you have a fantastic night! *ends call*

(By then I had noticed someone else was on my ticket, so I reached out to them via chat)

Me: Yes I had just disconnected on (customer name)

Coworker: I am so sorry! She was a terrible person!

Me: No its fine, I had thought you were on my ticket because she had called back in. She is a vile being though. What was it even about?

Coworker: The restaurant had cancelled her order because their driver was in an accident and is in the hospital. She wasn’t happy the refund was immediate, look at this ticket. *gives me ticket*

Me: *Pulling up ticket, reads it goes back to coworker* So we’re Trump voters, racists, thieves, and we should all be raped and slaughtered. Sometimes I do wish that they couldn’t text in. Well isn’t she just a peach. I’ll inform TLOD, its not often someone gets banned from the service, but I think she qualifies. Have a good remainder of your shift hun, I’m off now!

Coworker: Somebody should void out the promocode she received. She doesn’t deserve it.

Me: She won’t be able to use it if shes removed from the service. But I concur.

(That ladies and gentleman is how you become one of the select few to get banned from a service)

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