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This is during a huge plant sale when there are a couple hundred customers in the hardware store, most of which are in the garden department. I am running the register in the garden department, and a woman asks about a hanging basket of flowers. She’s on the short side so I get out from behind the register, ask which basket she wants out of three hanging on a trellis, and she takes a few seconds to choose one. I pull it down and take it to the register.

I am about to ring this basket up when she says she wants to have a better look at it first. She begins dead-heading the past-peak blooms on this basket. She continues doing this for a minute or two, while a line is forming and growing at my register. When the basket is down to three blooms, that is when she says she doesn’t want this one and will go looking for another. She wanders off.

The next three customers in line have the same bewildered expression as myself.

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