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Let’s pretend we sell something called a Streetman Widget. Watch the pronunciation…
Caller: Do you have a streezch-MAHN wid-JAY?
Me: I’m sorry, a what?
Caller: A Streezch-MAHN wid-JAY?
Me: (After a second or two)…a Streetman Widget?
Caller: I don’t think it’s a good idea to correct your client’s pronunciation. Do you have one?
Me: We carry several. Which one are you…
Caller: The big one – I’m on line and the computer says you have one.
Me: Well, yes, but the computer is sometimes wrong and I would hate for you to come all this way…
Caller: The big one. The BIG one – can’t you just walk over to the shelf and see if you have it?
Me: I want to be sure I’m checking on the exact one you want. You’re on line – the number is on the right – if you could let me know…
Caller: So, you won’t go over to the shelf and just look?
Me: Well, sure, but it could be in my stockroom too, and not on the shelf. I can check that with the item number and…
Caller: *Click*
My associate asked what that was about. I said the lady said she was calling about a widget, but she was really calling to have an argument.

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