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(I work in a grocery store that has a popular promotion called super double coupon week. The limit for doubling coupons is 20 coupons per day per household, however many customers are unaware of the 20 coupon limit. The register will automatically stop doubling coupons after they reach the limit, so there’s nothing we can do about it if they go over the limit. This took place during my first super double coupon week.)
Me: (After I scanned everything in.) Alright, do you have any coupons?
(The customer hands me a stack. She has more than 20 coupons, so not all of them double.)
Customer: Why aren’t those coupons doubling?
Me: There is a 20 coupon limit.
Customer: What? Then I don’t want that… um… take off…
(While the customer separates things out and counts out her coupons, I call for a manager to void out the transaction.)
Manager: Yes?
Me: She has more than 20 coupons, so they didn’t all double.
Manager: Ah. Yes, ma’am, there is a 20 coupon limit per day per (store) card. (voids transaction and leaves)
Me: Okay, let’s try this again.
(I scan in what she said she wanted, then her coupons. But she miscounted so she still has more than 20 coupons. I call the manager back over to again void out the transaction.)
Manager: Make sure she has 20 coupons before you scan them in.
(I triple count her coupons before I scan them in, and the manager doesn’t leave until I finish this transaction. Thankfully, the customer was understanding of the whole situation.)

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