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( My son has hearing problems and requires hearing aids and we often go to a certain Health clinic that is well known in Canada to get appointments with the audiologist and get new molds made or the equipment checked/ adjusted. Due to him being under the age of 5, he had to get the molds for these remade fairly often because he grows like a weed. We are at one such appointment and we have to put pink gunk in kiddo’s ears and leave it to harden. This means no touching. Any one with kids knows that under the age of 5 means that squirming and touching will occur )

Dr. Useless: * looks over the poked and prodded gunk and nods * We should still be able to get a mold off of this, its not a problem.

Me: Are you sure ? I’m sure that if we try again, my husband and I can make sure —

Dr. Useless: No no, its fine. It shouldn’t be a problem.

( We pick the color that we want for the molds and wait about two weeks for the new ones to come in – A week longer than we should have because Dr. Useless is on his 3rd vacation since being hired there less than a year ago. )

( When the new molds arrive, one is perfectly fine and fits like a dream … The other looks to be about the size of a small jelly bean. Not the right size. at all. )

Dr. Useless: * looking it over and holds it up to my son’s ear from a little distance * Yeeaaah this should be fine .. Its fine.

Me: * knows from having to do this for the past handful of years that it wont be large enough to fit my son’s ear canal * ah .. No. No its not. There is no way that is going to help my son hear anything or even going to stay. Redo the mold, NOW, and lets get him another one for that ear.

Dr. Useless: No, really, this one should be — * still trying to offer me the dysfunctional little bean of a mold *

Me: NOW. Please. * squinting at him aggressively and sitting my son down on the stool for a new mold *

( Needless to say, he didn’t work there long after that … He is now on permanent vacation )

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