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I work at a popular fast food chain in a small town. Last night I was taking orders over drive-thru late at night, when we sometimes get “fun” customers. Keep in mind I’m a woman and the customers/coworkers are men.

Me: Welcome to (fast food place), how can I help you?

Customer: I’d like a number one combo with a side of your phone number

(At this point the customer’s passenger bursts out laughing. I maintain composer through the order, but as soon as the headset disconnects…)

Me: Someone google the rejection hotline number, I’m gonna f**k with him.

Coworker: Better yet, give him this number *hands me his phone with another prank number*

(I hastily scribble down the number on receipt paper and hand it to the customer when I give his card back to him, at which point the passenger starts laughing again. As I’m handing him his food…)

Customer: So what does the number do?

Me: It’s just a number, call it and see/

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