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I am working in the drive through at a branch with three lanes. A car pulls in to the lane furthest away and parks there and sits there doing nothing. Another customer pulls in to the first lane and they have there things ready, so I start helping them, when the car parked away finally starts to roll their window down. I turn on the camera to tell them I will help them shortly. As I am working on the transaction, the lady who wasn’t ready pushes the call teller button.

Customer: Hello?? I’ve been waiting!!
Me: Hello, I will be with you shortly. I am still finishing the customer before you. Thanks!

The lady had sent the tube through with a check in it, and has rolled up her darkly tinted windows. She is also wearing sunglasses

Me: *gets back on the camera and waits for the customer to roll her window* Alright, what would you like to do today?
Customer: *mutters off something unintelligible, then rolls her window up again, looking annoyed. I hear her say she wanted some cash. I send back an empty tube*
Me: Okay, so you wanted some cash? I will need to see your—
C: Where is the paper? They always send me a paper when I want cash!
Me: Yes m’am, I will send you a withdrawal slip, but I need to identify you for cash. Please send through your ID while I get that ready for you.
C: This is rudiculous! I never have to send my ID!
M: I need to see your ID to give you cash.

This goes back and forth with the lady constantly rolling her window up and diwn and ignoring my request for ID. Finally she relents, very angrily. I still however cannot ID her because she won’t roll down her dark window and is wearing dark sunglasses.

M: Alright, please roll your window down and take off your…

At this the lady explodes, saying she is not a delinquent, and she should not have to be ID’d just to get money. Then she starts venting that her other bank does the same thing. Normally I never lose my composure but after ten minutes of this exchange for what is supposed to be a quick transaction, I start to give it back.

M: yes, I know, it’s such a terrible inconvenience to take out your——-

Fortunately my head teller steps in before I can finish my retort and acts as the intermediary, but the lady is just as rude and confusing to my head teller. Thr customer is shaking, very angry, and mouthing off to my head teller about her window because “she has the ac running in her car”. Eventually we find out exactly what she wants and ID her for one brief second while she continues that she is not a delinquent.

(sending out her stuff with a fake smile) Thanks, have a wonderful day!
She quickly rolls her window up while I am cracking up and laughing at her.

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